Strategy At Home

17th June 2020

It would have been Strategy this weekend, but due to what is happening in the world we have to miss it this year.

But…. There is a way of still having the Strategy vibe, as the team from S&E are hosting the event online. So we will be able to attend Strategy after all.

When is S&E at Home?

S&E at home will be live from the 19th June to the 28th June. We’re focussing around the 19th -21st June when Strategy 2020 would have taken place but all the activities will be open until the 28th June. The virtual S&E site will open at midday on the 19th.

The event can be joined by anyone in Scouting, and there will be plenty of activities to do with the whole family.

So if you want to get involved, go over to the S&E website and sign up: