Privacy Notice

78th Kingswood Scout Group is a controller of your personal data. We respect your data and your privacy is important to us.

This Privacy Notice explains what personal data we collect and how it is used. This notice also explains what rights you have over your personal data and how you can use those rights.

You have the right to object to some of the processing which 78th Kingswood Scout Group carries out. More information about your rights and how to exercise these is set out in the “Your rights” section of this notice.

  1. Summary of how we use your data and your rights
    2. Information we collect from you
    3. How we use information and the legal basis
    4. Data sharing
    5. Cookies and similar technologies
    6. Data retention
    7. Your rights
    8. Contact details
    9. Who is the controller?

1. Summary of how we use your data and your rights

We use your data to communicate with you in regards to our group.  We will use your data to comply with laws and regulations.

When you give consent, you are able to withdraw that consent at any time, for instance by emailing  You can also email us to exercise any other data rights, such as obtaining a copy of your data, correcting, deleting or restricting how we use your data.  Please see the “Your rights” section for more information.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter communications at any time.  To opt out of our newsletter you can select “unsubscribe” in emails, or email

Our website uses cookies and similar technologies to improve functionality, recognise you and to customise your experience. You can reject and block cookies in your browser settings.

2. Information we collect from you

We collect information when you register interest in becoming a member, or when signing up as a member of 78th Kingswood Scout Group
In particular:
• We keep information you give us directly such as contact details (including name, email, address and telephone number), date of birth, gender, when registering interest in joining our group (waiting list)
• We record personal details of you when joining our group such as contact details (including name, email, address and telephone number), date of birth, gender, religion, doctor surgery, allergies, medical needs, etc.
• If there is an incident, we may need to log information about it.

3. How we use information and the legal basis

We are allowed to use your data only if we have a proper reason to do so such as:
• To fulfil a service, we have with you;
• When it is in our legitimate interest;
• When you consent to it; or
• To comply with the law.

A legitimate interest is when we have a reason to use your data when you register interest or being a member of our group. This involves us making an assessment of when we can rely on our legitimate interests.

We have set out below how and why we may use your personal information and the legal basis we rely on. This is also where we tell you what our legitimate interests are.

When you register with us, we take information to communicate with you.
Our legitimate interests include keeping our records up to date, fulfilling our legal, compliance and contractual duties, improving our site and services.

When you give consent, you are able to withdraw that consent at any time by contacting us, for instance by emailing  If you do so we can only continue to use your data if another legal basis applies, such as when we’re required to do something by law. You can opt out of our newsletter by clicking “unsubscribe” in or by emailing
When the law requires us to process your data we will do so.  This can include
• Legal, compliance, regulatory and investigative purposes, including for government agencies and law enforcement.
• When you exercise your rights under data protection legislation, including when you ask to subscribe or unsubscribe from our newsletters.

4. Data sharing

78th Kingswood Scout Group is part of the The Scout Association. 78th Kingswood Scout Group shares data within The Scout Association to provide us with support, advisory, safety and security, and other services.
For some activities 78th Kingswood Scout Group uses third party service providers, such as camp sites or large events.  When these service providers ask for customer data from you we may share information with them.

Personal data may be shared with government authorities and/or law enforcement officials for the prevention or detection of crime, if required by law or if required for a legal or contractual claim.

5. Cookies and similar technologies

Our website use cookies and similar technology. You can reject and block cookies in your browser settings.

The cookies we set are first party cookies, set by the site itself and can only be read by this site. They are commonly used for the functionality of the site.

We also use Google Analytics to keep track of visitor numbers and page popularity.

6. Data retention

We keep your data to enable us to fulfil our contract with you or to provide services, where required by law or to protect legal rights.

We always look to keep your data for the minimum time in line with data protection principles and our processes.

For example, we keep data of our members for up to 6 months afterwards, depending on the nature of the interaction and any applicable law, such as health and safety.  This enables us to respond to any questions or complaints.

If you unsubscribe from newsletter communications we keep a record of this request indefinitely to ensure we do not send you newsletters again.

We may keep your data for longer if we cannot delete it for legal, regulatory or technical reasons.

7. Your rights

You have rights over your personal data.
You can:
• ask for a copy of your information;
• ask for information to be corrected;
• ask for information to be erased or deleted;
• ask for us to limit or restrict processing;
• object to us processing your data.  The right to object does not apply if we must process the data to meet a contractual or legal requirement.

Some rights, however, may be limited. We may be obliged by law or regulation to keep information.  We must respect other people’s privacy as well, which means we may need to redact or remove information where it includes personal data about someone else, even if it is connected to your data.  On occasion there may be a compelling legitimate interest to keep processing data.

If you want a copy of your data, to object to how we use your data, or ask us to delete it or restrict how we use it or, please see the ‘Contact details’ section below.  To process a request from you, we may need to confirm your identity to ensure we’re accessing the right data.

You have a right to complain to an EU data protection authority.  This can be where you live, work or where the matter occurred. In the UK, the authority is the Information Commissioner’s Office (the “ICO”).

8. Contact details

To exercise any of your rights, to withdraw consent or change your details, you can email:

If we make any changes or updates to this notice we will communicate these.

9. Who is the controller?

The controller for your information is 78th Kingswood Scout Group, Badminton Road Methodist Church, Badminton Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 6NU.