Membership Subscriptions

What am I paying for?
Membership subscriptions (Subs) are used to help pay for activities, resources, badges, running costs, insurance and our annual scout group membership. Our objective is always to keep our subs as low as possible whilst ensuring that we are able to provide the leaders with the facilities and equipment to offer exciting programmes.

How much do I pay?
Our subscription fee is charged at the beginning of every term, and depending on the section. A discount is giving for any subsequent child in the group.

BeaversSeptember, January, April£ 28 (1st Child)
£ 26 (Subsequent child)
CubsSeptember, January, April£ 30 (1st Child)
£ 28 (Subsequent child)
ScoutsSeptember, January, April£ 32 (1st Child)
£ 30 (Subsequent child)

How do I pay?
We prefer payment via our online payment option (OSM), but payments can be made in person by cheque or cash.

Gift Aid
We also ask you to ensure you have completed a Gift Aid declaration as it will increases our income by 25p in each pound paid.