The Great Indoors – Week 12

10th June 2020

This week we will look back at all the activities that we have featured since lockdown began.

As you know, Scouts UK have created the Great Indoors staged badge. Now it is up to you to take the challenge and get through the stages to be able to earn this badge.

Over the last weeks we have given you a selection from the activities on offer, and we have gathered them together here so that you have an easy way of finding them all. But of course there are several more to choose from on the Scouts UK website.

Week 1A Flair For Hot Air
Week 2Lolly Stick Catapults
Week 3Super Scarves
Week 4Animal Diary
Week 5Craft A Camp Blanket
Week 6Mystic Biscuit Moons
Week 7Tiny Tube Trees
Week 8Fruity Fruit Monster Faces
Week 9Fabulous Fancy Frames
Week 10Robot Runway
Week 11The Great Indoors Badge
Week 1Changing Your Coat
Week 2Great To Be Grateful
Week 3Whirly Bird
Week 4Fairly Baked Bananas
Week 5Food Doku
Week 6Design Your Own Football Shirt
Week 7Pixel Art
Week 8Make Food Matter
Week 9Book In A Bag
Week 10Squeaky Clean
Week 11The Great Indoors Badge
Week 1Be A Blackout Poet
Week 2It’s Knot You It’s Me
Week 3Step Forward Step Back
Week 4A Cut Above
Week 5Number Five Skills For Life
Week 6Butcher Baker Bath Bomb Maker
Week 7Pixel Art
Week 8Food Doku
Week 9Make A Paddlecraft
Week 10Mud Glorious Mud
Week 11The Great Indoors Badge